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Q: Why do angels play harps? A: Read on.

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QUESTION: Why is it an archetype that in heaven there are angels playing harps?

ANSWER: Read on.

In Club Vivo Per Lei / I Live for Music, one of our EQ outreach and educational project (free to all subscribers), we realize the soothing and healing powers of music.

As one listener wrote to, which is FR** and we highly recommend it: "I've been hearing you and the other announcers talk about listening at work. I agree that classical music helps me keep psychologically and emotionally more even keel while I work as a freelance journalist.

"Today I was on an espcially tight deadline and couldn't mess around. Having classical music playing at my desk and in my car helps keep in check my natural tendency to stress out. Keep up the good work on 89.9 FM."

We direct you today to an article on msn entitled, "Harp has power to soothe, but can it heal? Instrument shows potential to synchronize irregular heartbeats."

Jennifer MacKinnon, a physician with a degree in music played the harp for a patient under sedation while doctors observed the effects on heart rhythm in what was aptly described as "some weird sci-fi melding of heaven and high-tech Earth." The
patient had afibrillation, irregular heart-beat.

Interest was whetted when Dr. Ary Goldberger of Harvard Medical School proposed the theory that varied rhythms created by healthy hearts are similar to note patterns in classical music. This impelled Kocheril and MacKinnon to research the notion that music can alleviate some of the mental and physical symptoms of disease.

Bravo! At Club Vivo, we know for sure a tonic of classical music adheres to the first dictum of medicine, the Hoppocratic Oath: "First of all, do no harm."

“People know that music relaxes you. We’re just trying to get more medical validation,” said Dr. MacKinnon... She took up harp-playing at age 10 and as a child, used to play for patients of her father, also a physician."

We discuss in Club Vivo, the common association of healing and music, represented by the archetype of Apollo, the Greek god of Medicine and Music. What's being discussed now was known centuries ago. That's what an archetype is all about, similar to the depiction of angels in heaven playing harps.

Some believe the harp has special propensity for healing because the resonant vibrations from live harp music may be particularly effective at regulating
quivering heart rhythms. [Note it says "live" harp music."] Other musical instruments and recorded music might offer similar benefits, Kocheril said, making a “music prescription” easier to follow. "Potentially, there could be a prescription for music five days a week ... to keep the heart healthy in general and specifically to keep rhythm disorders under control."

There is at least one music therapist who offers her clients an hour of her own live harp playing. She uses it to relieve chronic pain, such as that from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Bizarre to me, a doctor speculates against the inclusion in the operating room of "the elegant but unwieldy harp" when the room is already accommodating a rash of unwieldy and not elegant equipment.

And being of the right brain sort, well whole-brained, I immediately jump to the hypothesis (which is simply a learning-based speculation which research must go on to "prve") that, knowing doctors as I do, and their affinity for music, the presence of harp playing in the operating room would definitely help the physicians and what helps your doctor helps you, as they are, like it not, known to be a factor in your healing. Not just their hands, but their personalities, their presence. (We recommend and offer a version of the EQ Alive! Program for physicians. Please refer this information.)
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The more you're comfortable with music, the more it can help. Common sense (EQ) would advise that, if you're puzzling about the Italian in "Ave Maria" or "Va'Pensiero" two of the most soothing/inspiring works there are, you won't be relaxed. Learn more. The more you know ... the more you know.
Now, the Celtic harp music has long enchanted me, and we know that the Irish claim the kingdom of lullabies, which is a heaven unto itself. And what is a lullaby, but the soothing of the most distraught person there is - - a newborn trying to adjust to living on dry land. The Irish have no contenders in the realm of lullabies. My favorite it The Garten Mother's Lullaby.

We recommend My Gentle Harp: Celtic Favorites. Listen to "The Harp that Once Through Tara's Halls." To order, go HERE or copy and paste:

In Club Vivo Per Lei / I Live for Music, we're learning more about music and EQ and we invite you to join us today. It's free. My gift to you!

Club Vivo Per Lei is dedicated to a physician, Dr. John J. Alifano, Jr., who practises in Massachusetts, and is an accomplished pianist. His favorite composer is Rachmaninoff, which he plays beautifully. Many may not claim Rachmaninoff to be not necessarily be their "favorite" (Beethoven is the King!), but many consider it the most healing. On Club Vivo you will find an article written by a physician about a patient's experience with Rachmaninoff (also spelled Rachmaninov.)


P.S. If Beethoven's not your favorite, and even if he is, let us know. Take the Music Survey. Your opinion counts.
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